"It is, in fact, nothing short of miracle that the modern methods of instruction - education have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of enquiry"

Albert Einstein



Easy Learning Mind Easy Learning Mind Map - E.L.



The Accelerated Learning Revolution


Learning how to learn


"The quality of our lives and our survival in this increasingly complex and fast changing world is a direct outcome of the quality of our learning and thinking"


Learning How To Learn is more important than What To Learn - especially what we learn can become soon forgotten and out dated.


The Accelerated Learning Method follows a four steps plan to ensure that the subject to be learned is fully explored in a multi-sensory and multi-intelligence way. Then simple techniques are used to lock the learning down.


A.L. is Fast, Fun, Natural and an Effective way of learning.



Food For Thought

Traditional Learning VS Accelerated Learning
Presenter Centered   Learner Centered
Verbal   Multi-Sensory
Linear   Flexible
Rigid   Joyful
Somber   Social
Competitive   Humanistic
Behaviouristic   Results Based
Time Based   Whole Mindbody
Cognative   Nurturing
Controlling   Natural
Mechanical   Relaxing
Stressful   Knowledge
Passive Learning   Creation
Sleep Inducing   Stimulating


AL -The Method

mind maps - technique


Mind maps - technique


For effective Presentations, Note Taking, Revision and Recall
Study of Motivation - Mind Map


Mind Skills Motivation - Mind Map



Courses and Fees


For Organisations, Teachers, Trainers, Students and Pupils





1. The magnificent brain - How it is wired?
2. Preparing the mind for learning to take place
3. Different learning styles - simple tests
4. Eye accessing cues
5. Smart note taking - Mind Maps
6. Better retention & recall
7. Effective revision
8. Dealing with exam nerves
9. Motivation to learn
10. Mental rehearsal - imagery and visualisation
11. Instant relaxation & mind calming techniques
12. The study environment
13. Personal intelligences profile
14. Learning levels-logical
15. Learning cycles



Seminars, Workshops and Individual Tuitions


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PS - Thanks to my med student daughter Hanna's annual exam tantrums, for stimulating me to write the above notes!… Coach Shev Gul …